Cyber Security

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. One of the most common and high-impact threats is Ransomware. Ransomware attacks have increased 25% in the past year, whereas phishing and social engineering attacks increased by 62%.

Our multi-layered security solution protects from all the major attack vectors, while also utilising a robust cloud backup strategy for added redundancy.


Phishing | Ransomware | Viruses

No single security product can protect from phishing, viruses and ransomware, and that’s why our enterprise security suite protects your systems by using nine individual components.

Utilising the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, our solution can intercept threats that traditional antivirus hasn’t even heard of yet.


Phishing | Ransomware | Viruses


Education | Awareness | Testing


Phishing | Ransomware | Viruses


Local Backup | Cloud Backup | Versioning


Prevention | Detection | Recover

Our helpful Support Engineer, Marcus, joined Orbitel in January 2021. With experience spanning nine years of technical and service desk support, Marcus manages Orbitel’s Service Delivery across a broad range of clients.

He has extensive knowledge of Networks, Fiber Optics and he brings a wealth of customer service skills to help our clients feel at ease when calling us.

Outside of work Marcus enjoys working with and building Laser Cutters, 3D Printers and can often be found out with his partner Sarah walking their dog Louie.

Marcus Fenwick

Support Engineer

Ubiquiti UniFi Network Specialist CertifiedUbiquiti UniFi Enterprise Wireless Admin Certified3CX Advanced CertifiedMicrosoft Teams Rooms Technical SolutionsYealink Certified Microsoft Technical ProfessionalYealink Certified Microsoft Pre-Sales Professional

Hailing from Scotland, having lived in Adelaide since October 2019. Carrick is a recent addition to the team, joining at the start of December 2022.

Possessing a strong background in networks, Carrick has been able to apply his tech knowledge over a broad scope of technology sectors from enterprise IT to industrial Operational Technology. He really enjoys analysing systems and finding ways to improve and optimise them to provide a better technology experience for our clients.

Outside of work, Carrick is a keen Mountain Biker and enjoys Bouldering.

Carrick Mackintosh

Support Engineer

Jenny’s role is to provide guidance with Orbitel’s marketing and communications activities from a ‘non-geek’ point of view.

As a qualified PR professional, Jenny has managed events such as the Tour Down Under, Special Olympics and a Royal Visit.

Jenny’s aim for her time with Orbitel is to see the company recognised and rewarded for the outstandingly high customer service and attention to detail that they provide.

After hours, she enjoys reading, wine tasting and walking her Bernese Mountain Dog.

Jenny Daly

Marketing Consultant

Monty is a total people-pleaser. His infectious excitement and never-ending need for cuddles means he’s a complete bundle of joy and fun around his workplace.

Ensuring increased productivity and greater overall happiness throughout the organisation, Monty’s ‘Open Door Policy’ means he is always available for hugs, walks and snack breaks.


Chief Happiness Officer

10/10 Good Boy

Orbitel Technologies

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