Cyber Security

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.

Our multi-layered security solution protects from major attack vectors, while also utilising a robust cloud backup strategy for added redundancy.

Essential Eight | Mitigation | Strategy

Learn more about the Essential Eight framework.

Phishing | Ransomware | Viruses

No single security product can protect from phishing, viruses and ransomware, and that’s why our enterprise security suite protects your systems by using nine individual components.

Utilising the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, our solution can intercept threats that traditional antivirus hasn’t even heard of yet

Prevention | Detection | Recover

We can help you with your data recovery strategy, including prevention, detection and recovery processes. With proper planning, the potential of downtime can be significantly reduced.

Local Backup | Cloud Backup | Versioning

No security strategy is 100% guaranteed to protect from all threats, which is why it will always be critical to have a comprehensive data management strategy.

We strongly encourage a combination of local and cloud backups, combined with versioning to ensure files, folders and entire data sets can be recovered from a variety of points in time.

Education | Awareness | Testing

We can educate your staff on how to recognise threats such as fake emails or websites.

Phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and malware are all increasingly common methods of attack, making access to cyber awareness and support vital. Australia is a heavily targeted country for cybercrime, for instance 62% of small to medium businesses have experienced a cyber security incident. While these types of cybercrime are typically understood by IT teams, they are foreign to many others in your organisation.

Passive, non-invasive testing to search for vulnerabilities without attempting exploitation. We evaluate physical, technical, logical and administrative controls while providing observations, potential risks and impacts, and recommendations.

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