Wireless Smart Home

Future proof your home and make time for what matters

This changes everything

Forget to turn a light off or close the garage? We can help you control your home from where you are right now. As a Fibaro certified installer, Orbitel can provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to your home.

With smart home devices, you can remotely monitor your home appliances and ensure that all devices are safely switched off. Giving you better control over your security, electrical spend and comfort.


Safety First

Access to your home and data are protected at the highest level.


Plug and Play

Simple to install and use after a short configuration.


Voice control

Compatible with most voice control technologies.


Remote access from anywhere

Listen to and read voicemails on any device


Ensure your personal safety

In case of fire, flooding or burglary.


Save energy

Monitor your electricity usage per device.

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