IT Procurement Services

Hardware and Software purchases made easy

At Orbitel Technologies, we offer end-to-end Hardware and IT procurement services for your IT infrastructure and assets, including personal devices, printers, data centre infrastructure and more.


We make proactive product recommendations based on the individual needs and budget of your business. Requests for proposals are processed with the strategic sourcing of a wide range of products and services.


The end result is full visibility and control over your assets, including licensing agreements, budget forecasting, compliance, asset renewals, personal devices, printers and more.

What are the benefits for me?

Hardware procurement can be cumbersome for businesses as it is a tedious and time-consuming process involving meticulous planning and entails significant costs. Whether you need to make a one-off purchase or a comprehensive hardware strategy our team can provide a tailored solutions for business that is a right fit for you.


With strong long-standing relationships, we will help with the sourcing, negotiation and delivery. By leveraging our vendor relationships, we can pass on numerous benefits, including logistics, warranty management and savings that lower the total cost of ownership.


Cost Savings

Orbitel Technologies IT procurement service can help you save money by negotiating better prices for hardware, software, and services and identifying cost-effective alternatives.


Time Savings

By outsourcing IT procurement to experts, you can free up internal resources and save time that would otherwise be spent on research and vendor management.


Improved Quality

Orbitel Technologies can help you acquire high-quality technology that meets your specific needs and requirements.


Risk Mitigation

Manage risk by ensuring that you acquire technology from reliable vendors and by verifying that the technology you acquire complies with industry standards and regulations.


Strategic Sourcing

Help you develop and implement strategic sourcing strategies that align with your overall business goals and objectives.


Managed Hardware

As part of our procurement and managed IT service, we’ll record all your IT hardware and software in our system. We will keep your business up to date with upgrades and licence renewal requirements

Let us help you!

The goal of Orbitel Technologies customised IT procurement solution is to provide you with cost-effective and efficient methods for acquiring the technology you need to support your operations and achieve your business objectives.


Contact us today for strategic sourcing.