Managed IT

59% of IT services are addressed under a managed services model instead of the older break-fix model. The break-fix model is out. Why wait until your network is down (and you are losing money) to address issues? A proactive, managed services approach makes a lot more sense.

We offer a range of IT services such as monitoring, maintenance, support and management of hardware, software and communication systems as well as security and data back-up. The goal is to help you focus on your core business activities, whilst outsourcing your IT needs to a reliable and experienced provider. Thereby improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and minimizing the risk of IT issues.

Remote | On-site | 24-7

The fastest path to getting your problems fixed. Our technicians can remotely access your computer and fix the majority of issues without needing to arrange a visit.

When remote support isn’t possible, our friendly team would love to come on-site and assist you in person.

We’ve got you covered! Our 24/7 IT Support is available whenever you need it remotely or on site.

Business Data | Microsoft 365 | Working From Home

Keep your business data safe but available. Our cloud data platform is easy to use, allows your data to be accessed from any device and facilitates collaboration with staff and third parties. It also has in-built ransomware detection and reversal.

As a Microsoft Partner, we can manage your Microsoft 365 system, users and licenses for you. Whether it’s Exchange Email, MS Teams, MS Office or just navigating the options and configuration – we can help you get the most out of your investment.

Working from home isn’t just a new trend, many of our clients have been taking advantage of it for years. We can decentralise your business so working from anywhere is the new normal.

Consultations | Objectives | Solutions

Is your IT Infrastructure efficient and futureproof? Is your business data safe? Are you using the latest Cloud technology to support your business operations? These are all the types of questions that our specialist consultations help you to answer.

Have you established your IT objectives? We can help you:

  • Understand the true cost of your technology and formulate a clear IT strategy.
  • Identify opportunities for cost saving and service improvement.
  • Reduce business risks through improved security and continuity planning.

We can manage your technology projects on time and on budget, providing solutions to ensure all outcomes are achieved.

Desktop/Laptop | Accessories Network | Equipment

Get the right tools for the job! We work with you through careful consultation and then provide the most suitable equipment balanced with value for money.

Whether it’s Laptops, Desktop, Accessories or Network Equipment, we can supply reliable equipment that fits perfectly with the way you work.

Analyse | Identify | Remediation

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, your business is only as good as your technology. Our experienced technicians can undertake a thorough audit and analyse the results to provide you with a detailed report.

We will identify potential issues and present the opportunity to address them before they cause costly downtime to the business.

Remediation of the identified issues will minimise risk and future cost to the business.

Domain/Web Hosting | Asset Tracking | Monitoring

Consolidate all of your cloud services in one place. We can handle your domain names, website development / hosting and more.

We track and monitor your technology assets with our remote management system. We become aware of the majority of problems before you do and can take action before they cost you time and money.